In today’s world of growing competition, making a great first impression is a one-time opportunity. Your media tells prospective clients all they need to know about your company in a matter of seconds. They either stay at the table or get up and leave. Take a minute and look in the mirror… Is your current media ‘datable?’

You are a small, entrepreneurial start-up company in a very competitive field. Like many forward-thinking companies, you understand that emotions greatly influence, and can even determine decisions. Those emotions translate into the needs and wants we use in developing media that gets you a Second Date.

“I met Dan Watts of Nextworld Media in1996 when he designed a template for our construction print ads. His campaign, ‘Construction is…’ found him on job sites shooting photos for an image archive to develop ads from.

He showed me a better way to shoot our projects and we took off from there. The one-stop media store. Not only is he great to work with, but he understands what we do.”
Dan Withers President, DL Withers Construction

“Meeting Dan has taken my counseling practice to a higher level than I could ever do alone. He knows just the right images to convey the emotional message needed in my industry. Dan is amazing to work with. He truly listens to understand my field, needs of my practice, and the needs of my clients.

He is responsive and quick but in no way cuts corners. All of my media is more beautiful than I imagined.”
Dalena Watson, Counselor and Music Therapist


The time has come for your midsize firm to reassess your current media and how you are perceived by customers. You need to apply just the right amount of make-up for your Speed Dating encounter to be successful.

At Nextworld Media, we look at what your company does from a different perspective. A perspective that sets the stage for designing the media we are known for.

“Dan and I have worked on three different web sites, online e-commerce, a radio show and 15-20 marketing flyers as my business, Foodsense AtoZ has evolved. Our brainstorming meetings are so much fun because anything is possible with him.

He always listens to my ideas, photographically interprets the look we are after and comes back with layouts we can tweek.

If you ever get the chance to work with Dan Watts on any media/marketing project, do it. He helped change my life.”
Sharon Madsen, Nutrition Consultant

Tenured companies will only survive if they adapt quickly and stay in tune with their customer’s changing habits. Of all the lessons learned during the course of business, the most valuable is ‘Listen to Your Customers.’ Your online media must clearly reflect the needs of your clients while providing solutions to their problems.

Nextworld Media is committed to learning your business, understanding your customers emotional make-up, and building media that will bring interest to your door. It’s what Second Dates are made of…

6 + 12 =

Expanding worldwide competition places a high priority on making a great first impression. One look at your company’s website, corporate graphics, photography or video reveals who you are in a matter of seconds. Reinventing yourself as a company provides you with an opportunity to re-engage with your current clients and energize your persona with future prospects.

Everyone is looking…

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