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Mister Kool, the multi-colored, eco-friendly, pressurized mister designed to hydrate outdoor activists in the heat. Guaranteed to become a lifestyle addition for golfers, spectating parents, weekend warriors and athletes of all ages. Welcome to the Kool…

A primer on ‘Foodsense AtoZ’ from a nutrition consultant, author and speaker who tells it like it is. Includes an e-commerce selection of over 20 individual and group classes. Energy personified.

DL Withers Construction, an Arizona-based Construction Manager and General Contractor, building a broad scope of quality commercial projects throughout the Southwest.

Happy Classes, an educational program for Moms and Kids dedicated to building wellness lifestyles at home.The curriculum features integrated medicine that balances internal Body Systems using Essential Oils.

Dalton Interiors, diversified interior designers whose work embodies their commitment to Green Design.

Jo Taulbee-Flittie is a professional photographer whose work spans over 35 years of travel to hidden corners of the world. Her photos focus on altered perceptions of Place, Culture and Identity.

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The new sites are built with WordPress web publishing software. For those clients interested in updating their own sites, WP is user-friendly, including everything needed to optimize your blog and enhance visibility.

WP has a wide variety of plug-ins to customize your presentation, run site analytics, add new images to your Media Library and provide E-Commerce capabilities to fit your needs. Optimized for your phone, tablet or laptop…

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