9 + 5 =

Media should create energy. For it to be effective, that energy needs to be emotional and believable. Based on the chosen media combination, each ingredient needs to bring its own sizzle to the dish. This is when the single cook in the kitchen is really important. Even the slightest details have been thought through and deliver extreme credibility and professionalism.

Nextworld Media – Delicious…
Dan Watts, T. 480 221 8276  E. dan@nextworldmedia.com

Vision boards are images/headlines that define your current priorities and future aspirations. I encourage new clients to build one before our first meeting. Reviewing our boards sets an unbelievable tone and humanizes everyone. This is the vision board I introduce myself with. (image key below)

1 Connecting with the right people.
2 The amazing gift of music. The Nextworld Collector Series music CDs.
3 Breathing during times of stress and excitement.
4 Embracing my video chi.
5 Seeing a Diamondback weekend series at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

6 Make sure the heart is in the right place. Give back.
7 Four pack.
8 Have cameras will travel. Three words: Satellite internet access.
9 Fueling with low carb, high protein.